Alex and Jamie – The Dana on Mission Bay

Ceremony at The Dana on Mission Bay

A Wedding on Mission Bay

The Dana on Mission Bay is a venue I typically am a wedding DJ at 3-6 weddings a year. Every time I show up, I am greeted by the staff with warm hand shakes and high fives. Adrienne who does the event sales and some coordination is my homie and she does a fantastic job. She is the perfect combination of fun and friendly but on point and hard working. Anytime we are on the same program, all will be executed to the fullest.

Alex and Jamie wanted to have a beautiful wedding.  Wanting to have the dance floor packed with everyone having a great time was also on their priority list. They wanted to make sure that the Dj had club experience and could pay their preferred style of music. I was for sure up to the task. When they decided to hire me for my wedding Dj services I paid extra close attention to the music they wanted to hear.

When we got down to the music selections Jamie wanted to make sure that the music earlier in the day and night were geared towards the older crowd. Later in the night she wanted me to switch over to house music for the rest of the night. When I got the requests in for the House Music, there were artists like RÜFÜS DU SOL, Zhu, Disclosure and Hayden James. These are all great artists and music I love to dance too. I got very excited to be able to play these styles at a wedding.

Music Every One Could Agree On

For the ceremony I played Vitamin String Quartet. During cocktails I played Michael Buble. Dinner was all jazz and big band. When we opened the dance floor I got it packed with classic Michael Jackson, Earth Wind and Fire as well as some other classics. When the bride was ready, she gave me the signal to switch to house music for the rest of the night.

The first track transitioned well but the farther I got into the house music she selected, the more people would leave the dance floor. Eventually there were just a hand full of younger guests on the floor dancing. After a while, some of the older guests including the mother of the bride asked me to switch the music up but the bride refused to let me open it up. About an hour went by and the guests started to leave. Finally the bride gave in and let me cater the music towards everyone. The dance floor was packed for the rest of the evening. We ended on a high note, which I am thankful for.

This is a perfect example of the need to be flexible and adaptable with the wedding music. When requesting songs, the bride and groom need to be aware of what all the guests want to hear and dance to, not just what their handful of friends like.

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