Tips for Better Wedding Toasts

Tips for Better Wedding Toasts

Wedding toasts can range from being one of the most beautiful moments at the reception to being a stain you wish you could erase from the evening. Here are a few tips to help your wedding toasts go smoothly.

  • Remind everyone giving toasts that they should be family-friendly and prepared in advance to ensure they are under three minutes.
  • Request that those giving the toasts write them out on note cards. This will keep anyone from winging it and can eliminate the problems that occur when the notes are digital and the phone interferes with the sound equipment.
  • Make sure the videographer knows when and where the toasts will take place so they can be in position to record.
  • Keep toasts to a minimum at the wedding. If you have other people who want to say something, they can do it at the rehearsal dinner.
  • Talk to your DJ in advance about using his PA system. It’s going to be much better than anything they have at the venue.

Plan the Perfect Wedding Toasts

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