Three Tips to Help You Create the Right Atmosphere at Your Reception

Three Tips to Help You Create the Right Atmosphere at Your Reception

Creating the perfect atmosphere for your wedding reception is a lot like producing a movie. And if all goes well, your guests will walk away with the same dreamy feeling they get from a cinematic blockbuster. Here are the three things you need to make it happen.

  • Lights – Lighting is critical for a number of reasons. First of all, it produces the right ambiance for the evening. Second, your photographer is going to need the right amount of lighting to get great photos and videos.
  • Camera – Instagram seems to have taken over the world. But for one special night, you get to control a lot of what gets posted (by your guests). Set up areas for photos. Have a photo booth. And don’t forget to set your own hashtag so when your guests post, you can find the pictures right away. You’ll get all those images way faster than the ones from a pro photographer.
  • Action – Don’t forget to make it a party! With the right wedding DJ, music, sound equipment, and special effects, you can throw the dance party of the decade. After all, you have to let everyone work off that big dinner and all the cocktails.

Hire the Right DJ for Your Wedding

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