Shifra and Blake – Rancho Las Lomas

A happy bride at Rancho Las Lomas

An Orange County Wedding

Rancho Las Lomas in Silverado California is hidden away in the foothills of Orange County. This private estate has a rich history starting with coastal Native Americans livings on the land, to the land being given as a Mexican land grant to a wealthy family. Finally the Lawrence Family acquired it and have built it into a wondrous private estate and event location complete with a zoological garden. Upon doing my research about the Rancho Las Lomas, it was no wonder my good friend Shifra chose this place to marry the love of her life Blake.

I had known Shifra for years. We originally met in Pacific Beach when I used to play a local bar called Thruster’s. She lived a block away and became friends with my wife, friends and I. Throughout the years we kept in contact. When Blake came into her life, we all knew it was for real because of the way she would stare at him lovingly. I saw her engagement photos pop up on social media and got very excited for her. With in a few days, I got the phone call to be her wedding DJ.

Multiple Locations, Same Venue

The Ceremony was at the bottom of the Rancho in an area that looked like a mini organ pavilion. The Cocktail Reception was at the top of the property where the pool was. The pool reminded me of one of the pools at Hearst Castle, yet much smaller. The dinner and dancing were back down at the bottom of the Rancho where the ceremony was. The after party was back up top in what seemed to be a dance hall. The decor, food and flowers were all stunning. For all the fanciness of the wedding, the vibe was very relaxed and celebratory with Shifra’s laugh contagiously infecting anyone within earshot.

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