5 Things a Pro DJ Can Do That an Amateur Can’t

5 Things a Pro DJ Can Do That an Amateur Can’t

When you hire a professional DJ for your private or corporate event, you gain advantages from the years of training and experience that a pro will have in his corner. Here are some of the things that a professional DJ spends years perfecting.

  • Reading an audience – A pro DJ can read a room and know what song needs to happen next in order to provide the maximum amount of enjoyment.
  • Beat matching – Your DJ isn’t letting one song end and the next begin. He is actively changing the beats per minute to match the song and let one flow seamlessly into the next.
  • Phrasing – Have you ever wondered why a DJ always has headphones on? It takes precision to line up the beats and begin the next track at exactly the optimal moment. In the headphones, the DJ can hear the tracks line up before he plays it for the crowd.
  • Equalizing – This involves adjusting the high, low, and mid-tones of the song to match the needs of the audience and the songs that are being mixed.
  • Song choice – A pro will know when to ramp things up even more, and when to bring things down so the partiers can get a breather and the lovers can get on the dance floor.

A Professional San Diego DJ for Your Private or Corporate Event

DJ Mikey Beats has the experience and professionalism you want in a DJ for your next private or corporate event. From the best sound equipment to technical skills of a pro, DJ Mikey knows how to get a party started and keep it going. Call 858.270.2195 or get a quote online now.

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What Sort of Private Event Will You Hire DJ Mikey Beats to Provide the Entertainment For?

What Sort of Private Event Will You Hire DJ Mikey Beats to Provide the Entertainment For

DJ Mikey Beats is well-known in the San Diego area as a wedding and corporate event DJ, but that doesn’t mean he’s unavailable for your private event. If you are getting ready to throw the bash of the year, then you need professional sound equipment, a customized playlist, and a professional DJ who can play the room and maintain the mood you want your event to convey. Here are just some of the types of private events that people have hired DJ Mikey Beats to perform at:

  • Birthday parties
  • Graduation parties
  • Bar/bat mitzvahs
  • Quinceaneras
  • And more!

DJ Mikey Beats has worked at major local venues like the Hard Rock Hotel in San Diego and the La Valencia Hotel in La Jolla. So wherever you intend to have your event, no venue is too big for Mikey’s professional sound equipment.

Make Sure Everyone Hears Your Announcements and Speeches

Pro sound equipment is for more than just cranking out the jams when it is time to get everyone on the dance floor. You also want crystal clear sound for announcements, speeches, and even a formal ceremony. Whatever you need, just tell DJ Mikey in advance, and he will work with you.

Get the Best DJ for Your Private Event Now

Just call 858.270.2195 or request a quote from the website to get the ball rolling. Then we can start working on your preferences in music or even come up with a custom playlist for your private event.

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